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Rich Internet Application (RIA) Scenarios Frame

J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher, Akshay Bogawat


  • General
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Business Layer
  • Caching
  • Communication
  • Controls
  • Composition
  • Data Access
  • Exception Management
  • Logging
  • Media & Graphics
  • Presentation
  • Portability
  • State Management
  • Validation


  • How to design an application using RIA?
  • How to move an application from WPF to RIA?

Authentication and Authorization

  • How to design an authentication strategy?
  • How to design user authentication in various tiers?
  • How to protect the user password or authentication cookie while passing across network?
  • How to protect system resources from malicious users?
  • How to design Forms authentication?

Business Layer

  • How to expose business logic in RIA?
  • How to secure business logic on the client?
  • How to synchronize the business logic on client with server?


  • How to design caching on client?
  • How to design caching on server?
  • How to design caching using isolated storage?
  • How to use the browser to cache objects?


  • How to design coarse-grained communication?
  • How to design for asynchronous communication?
  • How to design communication with Web Services?


  • How to use native RIA controls?
  • How to use windowless controls in RIA implementation?
  • How to use ASP.Net controls in RIA?
  • How to add custom control behavior?


  • How to design dynamic UI using composition?
  • How to build UI with information from disparate sources?
  • How to migrate traditional application to RIA implementation?

Data Access

  • How to design data access for RIA implementations?
  • How to improve performance while accessing data?
  • How to design operations-based services?

Exception Management

  • How to design exception management in synchronous mode?
  • How to design exception management in asynchronous mode?
  • How to design for displaying exception information to user?


  • How to design logging strategy for client?
  • How to design logging strategy for server?
  • How to design for securing sensitive information?
  • How to design configurable logging?

Media and Graphics

  • How to use Silverlight for designing for cross-platform experience?
  • How to use Silverlight for designing graphics-intensive applications?
  • How to design media and video streaming in the browser?
  • How to design RIA considering the bandwidth issues?


  • How to work with the presentation layer in a RIA application.
  • How to write an application in Silverlight and WPF that shares functionality.
  • How to work with UI elements in a RIA application
  • How to know when to use browser UI vs RIA UI elements

State Management

  • How to deal with state in a RIA application?
  • How to choose patterns to manage state in a RIA application?


  • How to protect the RIA from cross-site scripting attacks?
  • How to design custom reusable validation mechanism?

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