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Visio Index

- J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, David Hill, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher Jr, Akshay Bogawat.

This is our figure index of the images we use through the Application Architecture KB and the Application Architecture Guide 2.0.

Architecture Meta Frame (AMF)

Architecture Meta Frame.png

User, Business and System Trade-Offs

User Business System.png

Agile Architecture Method

Agile Architecture Method.png

Layered Architecture

Layered Architecture.png

Layered Architecture with Multi-Clients

Layered Arch with Multi-Client.png

Layered Architecture with Services Layer

Layered Arch with Services Layer.png

Web Application Archetype

Web App Archetype.png

Mobile Application Archetype

Mobile App Archetype.png

RIA Application Archetype

RIA App Archetype.png

Rich Client Application Archetype

Rich Client App Archetype.png

Service Archetype

Service Archetype.png

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