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Web Application Tasks List

J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher, Akshay Bogawat


  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Caching
  • Exception Management
  • Logging and Instrumentation
  • Navigation
  • Page Layout (UI)
  • Page Rendering
  • Presentation Entity
  • Request Processing
  • Service Interface Layer
  • Session Management
  • Validation


  • How to design an authentication strategy?
  • How to design user authentication in various tiers?
  • How to protect the user password or authentication cookie while passing across network?
  • How to protect system resources from malicious users?
  • How to design a site that supports single-sign-on (SSO)?
  • How to design Forms authentication?


  • How to design an effective authorization strategy?
  • How to design impersonation and delegation?


  • How to improve performance with caching?
  • How to manage the lifetime of cached data?
  • How to protect cached data?
  • How to design caching in Web pages?
  • How to design custom reusable caching mechanism?
  • How to refresh the cached data?
  • How to clear the data?
  • How to secure the sensitive cached data?

Exception Handling

  • How to design for unhandled exceptions?
  • How to design global error handling for web pages?
  • How to design structured exception handling?
  • How to design the appropriate display of exception data?
  • How to plan for and design exception logging?
  • How to propagate exceptions in a distributed design?

Logging and Instrumentation

  • How to design logging in various tiers?
  • How to design logging investigate attacks on system?
  • How to design a custom logging mechanism?
  • How to design for securing sensitive information?
  • How to design configurable logging?


  • How to choose the appropriate navigation design?
  • How to separate site Navigation from content?
  • How to avoid hard-coding relationships between views?
  • How to design wizards for navigation?
  • How to design hierarchical navigation for sites?
  • How to maintain navigation state?

Page Layout (UI)

  • How to design complex page layouts?
  • How to design a portal style interface with multiple themes?
  • How to design a site that will support multiple browser applications and versions?
  • How to design page layout with CSS?
  • How to design table-based page layout?
Page Rendering
  • How to design page rendering for better performance?
  • How to choose options for data binding?
  • How to design for globalization?
  • How to design for localization?
Presentation entity
  • How to design presentation entities?
  • How to design custom presentation entities?

Request Processing

  • How to choose an appropriate design for request processing?
  • How to design user process components?
  • How to flow a request across multiple layers?
  • How to validate data that was transmitted with the request?

State Management

  • How to choose the appropriate state model?
  • How to flow call context data across application layers?
  • How to design state management in a web farm?
  • How to protect the state data?
  • How to design state management to persist data?
  • How to choose state management option in web application?


  • How to design validation in various tiers?
  • How to design custom validation strategy?
  • How to design client-side validation?
  • How to design server-side validation?

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