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Rich Client Application Scenarios Frame

J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher, Akshay Bogawat


  • Communication
  • Composition
  • Configuration Management
  • Data Services
  • Exception Management
  • State Management
  • Workflow


  • How to choose appropriate protocol?
  • How to design secure communication with other tiers in same network or over the internet?
  • How to design communication for better performance?
  • How to design communication for interoperability?
  • How to design coarse-grained interface?


  • How to design composable components for Rich client UI?
  • How to design for personalization in Rich Client Applications?
  • How to implement loose coupling between modules of the presentation layer?
  • How to improve maintainability with reusable views?

Configuration Management

  • How to cache configuration data?
  • How to synchronize configuration across distributed environment?
  • How to design user-base and role-based configurations?
  • How to secure sensitive configuration information?

Data Services

  • How to implement data access rules in a reusable manner in a Rich Client Application?
  • How to expose my data access components via services?
  • How to design domain-driven strategy?
  • How to design for a multi-tenant database?
  • How to design for very large databases?
  • How to manage database connections?
  • How to design for batch processing?

Exception Management

  • How to handle exceptions in each layer?
  • How to design for unhandled exceptions?
  • How to propagate exceptions in a distributed design?
  • How to design the appropriate display of exception data?

State Management

  • How to design for asynchronous loading of cache?
  • How to refresh cached data?
  • How to design for transactions?
  • How to protect sensitive state information?
  • How to design for persistent state information?


  • How to design business workflow components in a Rich Client Application?
  • How to handle errors and recover from failures in workflows?
  • How to design UI components for implementing workflows?

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